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Strap Buckles and End Styles

Morrison Medical offers an array of exceptional hardware choices to build your straps to best fit your needs and preferences. Our most popular hardware and end style choices are illustrated here.
Additional options are available by request.

Metal Push Button buckle
Metal Push Button (Auto)

Metal Roller Buckle
Metal Roller

Metal Cam Buckle
Metal Cam

Metal Drop Jaw Buckle
Metal Drop Jaw


Double D Ring Buckle
Metal "D" Rings


Plastic Side Release Buckle
Plastic Slide Release


Plastic Side Release Buckle Double Adjust
Double Adjust
Side Release




Plastic Cam Buckle
Plastic Cam or Lever

Loop End

Metal Swivel Speed Clip
Metal Swivel Speed Clip

Metal Non Swivel Speed Clip
Metal Non-Swivel
Speed Clip

Plastic Swivel Speed Clip
Plastic Swivel
Speed Clip

Metal Roller Buckle
Loop-Lok Roller Buckle

Big Mouth Swivel Speed Clip
Big Mouth
Speed Clip, Brass