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Burn Treatment

Koolaburn® Sterile Burn Dressings & Kits

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The Optimal Cool Relief for Burns

Koolaburn Sterile Burn Dressings cool by evaporation. The soft gel, comprised of 96% water in a base fabric of polished non-woven polyester, draws heat away from the burn providing a cooling effect which lasts for up to eight hours. With no need for refrigeration, they are ready to use instantly and will help prevent further spread of the burn while helping to relieve pain.
Burn dressings are sterile, nonabsorbent, non-toxic, non-irritating and gel is insoluble in body fluids. The high density of dressings prevent unnecessary exposure of injury to elements and conforms to body areas to prevent broken contact improving cooling action.

Item 6604 2" x 2" Burn Pad, case (12/case)
6605 3" x 36" Burn Wrap, case (12/case)
6606 8" x 36" Burn Wrap, case (12/case)
6607 4" x 4" Burn Pad, case (12/case)
6608 3" x 3" Burn Pad, case (12/case)
6609 1" x 36" Burn Wrap, case (12/case)
6611 24" x 36" Body Towel, case (12/case)
6612 50" x 72" Fire Blanket, case (4/case)
6613 Mini Burn Kit, case (4 units/case)
6614 Large Burn Kit, Each
6615 14" x 18" Face Mask, case (12/case)


Burn Kit




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