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To Our Valued Customers:

Thanks to our loyal distributors and to the dedicated end users of our products for helping make Morrison Medical what it is today. We are committed to serving you in the future as we have since 1970. In fact, our newer modern facility enables us to increase our capacity and to expand our scope to include contract manufacturing and fulfillment services. Our sewing operations include pattern stitching, bar tacking, and straight sewing. We fabricate and customize foam products to suit any application, including hot melt, coat, cover and assembly. We also assemble many different types of kits and have the ability to adapt them to our customer's specifications.

Rest assured that we are dedicated to bringing you the best quality products at the best price, as we have been since 1970. If you are looking for something that is not listed, please give us a call. If we can't do it, we will help you find someone that can.

Don Evans

Vice President / General Manager

Mission Statement

It is the Mission of Morrison Medical to:

Provide our customers with a wide range of quality emergency medical products, superior service and to conduct business with integrity as we have since 1970.

Provide our employees with a working atmosphere that offers stability and encouragement to realize the ambitions they have for themselves and their families.

Remain independent and provide a competitive return on investment.

Vision Statement

Morrison Medical will operate as a fully autonomous company whereby key management personnel are granted authority to conduct business according to a clear business plan. The Members will encourage entrepreneurial thought and action within well-defined expectations.

We will emphasize an efficient and highly productive workplace. We will take a long-term view when we consider investments in our people and equipment. When we add equipment we will buy quality machinery that will be reliable and fully usable for a long period of time taking into consideration our growth expectations.

Morrison Medical will build upon its long history by having the highest reputation for customer service of any such organization in our market area. We will expand our products and services based upon the needs and demands of our customers, which shall include disposable and reusable medical supplies and devices.

We will expand our products and services based upon the needs and demand of our existing customers, which shall include EMS, firefighting equipment and long-term care facilities. We will manage our assets prudently to achieve a high annual return on assets, and a high return on owner's equity. We recognize that one of our most valuable assets is the goodwill of our customers and we will manage this asset to propel Company growth and prosperity. We will explore growth opportunities that fit the Company's Mission, as they arise.

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